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State of mind - state of Karaka

Almost everybody I know is dreaming of a rich life somewhere warm. Impossible dream right? One needs tons on money, one does that once retired - in short stuff from dreams. Think again.

There is a group of people who doesn´t have a lot of money, they come from all walks of life and age doesn´t matter. Their common denominator is the sailboat Karaka.

Is it possible that life like that is just a matter of decision?

Tom Karaka´s owner and captain believes it is. So how is it possible for a young guy with no money, to live permanently in tropics on the sailing yacht? Just because he decided to do so?

Tom got Karaka for 1$ (yes one dollar) in Hong Kong. She was destined for scrape yard. He made a complete overhaul and prepared her for sailing. But maintaining a 17m long iron boat is no joke - especially if your life depends on it. A task maybe to difficult for one person but not for a group of people.

So he decided to invite people on board. He decided he wants to have people like him on board Karaka. People with no or little money, very interesting people that will enrich the life on Kraka. This is possible becuse they just pay a minimum weekly fee necessary to maintain the boat. But it is precisely because of those people that Karaka is so life changing experience. There is no one "teacher" or "guru" on Karaka. To be able to get to know a person thoroughly (and I can assure you, you do after some weeks out on the ocean) is something that makes impact on you.

8 years later more than 100 people sailed Karaka and she made over 40 000 miles with Tom.

I wanted to see just how exactly this is done. So in october 2012 I boarded with my camera on the legendary Karaka in La Paz Mexico and landed 6 weeks later in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

It was a very exciting and mind changing voyage.

Simplicity but also richness of life on board and around us was overwhelming. The elements, sun, wind, deep blue ocean, fluorescent magic in the night, simple but tasty food, fish from the ocean and no distractions (no internet, no radio, no phone, no connection) - just being with oneself and a small crew of people, causes a gradual change. I didn´t even noticed it myself first but all the others hadCheck it here

I told Tom at the end of our voyage:"Now I understand why are you a rich guy - having so deep connection to so many people is something that no money can buy." Maybe it sounds cheesy - but once you have experienced Karaka you can really understand it.

So now I want you to experience the voyage and the whole idea of Karaka through the documentary film. "Karaka, the Seed of Change. Is currently in postproduction - stay tuned.

Date April 2013
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Documentray film "Karaka, the Seed of Change" is currently in postproduction. Chek the social media above for regular updates.