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A new documentary film from award winning filmaker Simon Obleščak, "KARAKA, THE SEED OF CHANGE" is pushing the boundarities of contemporary filmmaking.

His third film deals again with the individiual with his own vision. This time is about one of the possible ways how to define the life outside of the "system".

Tom had a dream: I want to live permanetely on the sea.

Tom lives permanentely on his sailing boat Karaka. He found Karaka on the dry dock in Hong Kong. The last chapter of her life about to happen; being dismantled and cut for old iron.

Tom found her rigtfull owner and bought her for 1 dollar.

He repaired her and by giving her a "new life" he himself started with a new one - in 2005 he set sail and never stopped since.

Soon he was joined by Kim and other people who were courious about his lifestyle. A comunity of people, was building up.

Almost every crew member (about 80 peole had saied on Karaka so far) was somehow changed and started to see things from a new perspective.

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Date October - November 2012
Press PRESS RELEASE 30. October 2012

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