Documentary Film Production


Not so long ago anybody could build his own house with the help of friends and find or hunt his own food.

When people got old they were protected from the family, still having the place and role in it. In our hectic life we have no time or place to take care of them, we need to dispose them in the “house for old people” and pay a fortune for it, but can you pay for love and affection they still need?

People with same kind of interests/jobs were joining togeather, protecting each other, protecting the value of the work they were doing. They were making products and services in the best way they could - to last a lifetime or more, this was the obvious value - why would somebody built something that lasts only a year, to be thrown away after the gurantee expires? We live in a throw away society, we throw away things, we throw away values, we throw away people.

Life on Karaka is very simple. 7 people on board need to take care of each other. If one sleeps over on his wach and hits a reef or another boat the boat goes down taking all of them down. Nothing is thrown away on Karaka; thorn sail is sewn again, broken motor repaired, rests of food from lunch are reused for a tasty supper. One doesn´t need much to live a simple life. He can grow or catch his food, he can build his home, there are many creative ways how one can earn little that is needed to keep moving, keep satisfying hers/his basic needs. Nothing is thrown away in nature too and energy is never lost. We have more than enough resources on this planet to live abundant but simple life, we don´t need high philosophy to understand it we just need to look around us, everything in nature lives balanced sustainable way.

Why can´t we?