Documentary Film Production

About Simon

Simon Obleščak was born in Slovenia, 1967. In 2001 he graduated in from the Ljubljana (Slovenia) Film Academy and has worked for Slovenian National Television as a TV director, in addition to working as independent director/producer for several years. In 2003 Oblescak Co-directed and co-produced the documentary film AMIGO which was selected as best Slovenian documentary of that same year, and received the award for “Artistic Achievement" at the international Golden Knight Film Festival in Kaluga, Russia. Obleščak also wrote and directed the documentary BLUE IS THE SKY for National Slovenian TV; the story of a man who chooses to live a life outside the restraints of society high atop a mountain. In 2005 he moved to Berlin and started onionfilms with the purpose of creating, moving and thought-provoking documentary film, much like Karaka – The Seed of Change.

Date November 2012