Documentary Film Production

Lojz is contemplating about time, geography, colors and bible in an old military bunker high up in the Alps.

A lot of people, even his parents think that he is a bit "strange". A "loner".

But he doesn’t feel different from other people. His decisions make him different. Simplicity of life is obtained by clearness of decisions we make. Alojz Žakelj has made his choice. Long ago he discovered that he want to live in high mountains.

“"Beauty of this landscape overwhelmed me. I knew in an instant that’s where I want to live" he says.”

He has two lifes: one as a metal worker in factory and the other as a mountain eremite. If he could coose he would stay up in the mountains. "Time is always to short for me up here" he says. But he must make his living in the factory. When he discovered an abandoned military casern high up in the mountains he decided that he will make it his home. This is the highest home in Slovenia even higher than all other mountain hutts. Later on he build another, wooden bivuac on a high very narrow rock. It is hard to reach this place for a climber but he brought all the material up there and constructed everything by his own hands.

Often people doesn’t understand his way of life. Especially his parents. They would like him to get married and heave children like all the rest of "normal" people. They, especialy his mother doesn‘t think that he achieved something in his life. She thinks he is some kind of a looser, because he didn‘t choose family life. There is a constant conflict beetween them. Lojz likes solitude, but he also likes company of people. He never feels alone or bored in his high home. He studies geography, world travels and the Bible-book of books. There’s a lot of clocks in his home. He thinks that time is very important.

“"Time is entity who leads us from past to the future" is one of his thoughts.”

To be able to take advantage of one’s life you heave to be very careful how you are spending your time, because everyone has a limited amount of it. He colored his home in bright colors. Every color for Lojz has a meaning: red is for the road, yellow is the light, gray is color of the rocks and blue is the sky.


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